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Solitaire Online

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New Boss!

Oh yes, be scared and cover in your corner, the cleaner is about to wipe out the happy spawn campers in the Cynapsian system. - New high level Boss in Cynapsian - New high level mission - Optimizations for death lines Have a good day in space! ps. Minor changes to Dread Moths lvl 60, they now have more life and give less xp.

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New updates!

We've remade the start of the game to make the first minutes of gameplay more interesting. We've noticed that about 50% of players leave the game before reaching level 2 so we're experimenting and fine tuning the start of the game. You'll notice that we also replaced two of the starting ships in the Hyperion hangar with two new ones. We'd love to get some feedback on the new intro, so feel free to just start a new guest account and let us know what you think we can improve. We also made quite a few improvements to the game client performance. All of you should notice higher FPS and especially those running on low settings. The Jug finally got its price increase that we announced a while back + we also increased the price for artifact slots since getting all slots was actually cheaper than upgrading a single weapon on a ship. And, we've got something VERY cool coming later this week, a look at the warp map should give you a hint ;) Have funsies!

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New ship!

Rumours have been around for a while about a new super fast ship and finally we've located the architect behind it. There have been numerous problems with getting the modified weapon power core to be able to reroute power to the engine system, but we are happy to inform you that the ship is now available. The modification means higher speeds and a reduced offensive power, i.e. slower power regeneration and fire rate. There is a new hangar in Kritillian where you can find it. Also included in this update is the possibility to remove accepted (but not confirmed) new clan members. Have funsies!

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Weapons update!

Here we go! The past two weeks we've been testing and tweaking a whole bunch of weapons. We're also introducing the Chrono, a new ship available in Sarkinon. The Chrono sports new type of weapon that charges a straight lethal beam that fires on release. A longer charge gives a more powerful beam.

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New major update!

Fleets, artifact setups, King of the Zone improvements and much more!

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Clans released!

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Mission Reward Fix

Rewards from missions have been fixed!

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After a feature frenzy we made some improvements and bug fixes.

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Name Change!

You can now change your name for 100 Flux.

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Alien Encounters!

Kill an enemy for the first time and recieve an encounter bonus!

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Special Enemies!

Enemies can now have special attributes, such as dmg, health and speed.

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