Astroflux Rules of Conduct

All players are expected to behave in a civilized manner at all times. Players who behave in an offensive and abusive manner will not be tolerated. If you feel that certain players are abusing their freedom within the game, please feel free to report them to us.

We also demand that all our players use common sense when playing this game. Simply because something isn't strictly forbidden in the game rules doesn't mean it's not frowned upon or even constitute grounds to be expelled from the game.

Also remember that this is a multiplayer game, intended for a mixed audience, played by people of different age, ethnicity, and cultural and social background. Breaking the rules of the game is never okay, but we also expect all players to have a certain amount of tolerance toward each other, and the ability to simply ignore people that they don't enjoy playing with (please use the provided in game functionality for this).Personal Information

We recommend that you do not hand out personal information about yourself to other players in the game.

Do not give out your user-name or password to another player under any circumstances, not even if they claim to be a developer of the game. If you suspect someone has gotten hold of your account information, please change your password immediately. If you are unable to access your account, please contact support.

Revealing personal information about other people without their consent is not accepted and in direct violation of the Rules of Conduct. Please consider everyone's safety on the internet.

General Conduct

The same game rules apply, whether you are role playing your character or if you are expressing yourself as a player. "I was only role playing" is never a valid excuse to break the rules of the game.

Your role playing style should never be built upon sensitive subjects such as real life politics, religious issues, discriminatory philosophies or criminal personas such as murderers etc. Always treat other players with the same respect and common sense as you would do in real life.

There are different ways for people to abuse their freedom and options in the game. If we think that a player is following our rules, strictly speaking, but is bending those rules by disrupting or ruining the game experience for other players, we hold the right to temporarily ban or even expel said player from the game.

The following will not be tolerated: